May 2018

Boulder DA Michael Dougherty

The Hartmann Conspiracy Announces New Website: Boulder County Corruption

Boulder, CO – Weld County Corruption, and The Hartmann Conspiracy  announced the addition of a new website launched June 1, 2018: Boulder County Corruption  joins its sister-sites in focusing on the  illegal activities of…

Congressman Ken Buck: Known Felon Conceals Crime By Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Hartmann, Then Attacks Victim.

Boulder Daily Camera – Concealment Of Crime By Congressman Ken Buck, Weld County Chief Judge & Others. Facebook Comments Blocked!

Censorship and Concealment of Crime!  Craig Buckley, Longmont, CO homeowner, victimized by years of Government attack is blocked from posting comments regarding Michael Dougherty’s Conviction Integrity Unit on the Boulder Daily Camera’s Facebook page. Rebuttal…