KEN BUCK! Psychopath Colorado Congressman Melts Down Over Protester’s Sidewalk Chalk Message!

Colorado Congressman Ken Buck: continues a proven pattern and practice of using his official position to retaliate against his perceived enemies.

A Proven Pattern of Retaliation by Ken Buck! Criminal Tampering Charges Against Political Activist Shauna Johnson Dropped Amid Media Frenzy & ACLU Support!

Colorado Congressman Ken Buck melts down over human rights activist's message written id children's sidewalk chalk.

Colorado Congressman Ken Buck melts down over human rights activist’s message written id children’s sidewalk chalk. (credit: ACLU)

Castle Rock, CO – Republican Congressman for Colorado’s 4th District, Ken Buck, experienced a meltdown as a result of a human rights activist’s message written in children’s sidewalk chalk outside of his Castle Rock, CO office, according to media sources. Shauna Johnson wrote “Stop putting kids in cages, Ken Buck,” on the sidewalk. She signed the note with “Love, Jesus.”

Johnson told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas she wrote the message on the sidewalk outside Buck’s office after multiple attempts to meet him in person were unsuccessful.

Shortly after writing the message on the sidewalk, Douglas County Deputies responded to Johnson’s home. The District Attorney’s office, and the sheriff’s office, confirmed a citation was issued. Shauna Johnson, of Castle Pines, CO was charged with second-degree criminal tampering: a Class 2 Misdemeanor, for using sidewalk chalk to express opposition to President Trump’s immigration policy of separating children from their parents at the border.  “She did no damage and intended no harm, yet she faces an overly zealous criminal prosecution, a hefty fine and even jail time,” Mark Silverstein, ACLU of Colorado legal director.

If proven guilty, Johnson could have  faced up to one year in prison and a fine. To that end,  at 3:56PM MST Thursday, June 28, the 18th Judicial District DA’s Office released the following statement:

Calmer minds prevail, and Ken Buck's rampage ends.

Calmer minds prevail, as psychopath Ken Buck’s rampage ends.

The reason the charges were dropped, according to one insider source, is because elections are 4 months away, and Ken Buck can’t afford to give voters a glimpse of his petty, hate and rage fueled personality.  But is this truly a victory? Mark Silverstein, Colorado legal director for the ACLU, seeking only dismissal, had no lofty aspirations of turning this into a 1st Amendment case. Unfortunately, the harsh truth about Ken Buck, is that he maintains a longstanding pattern and practice of using his official position of power to retaliate against his perceived enemies.

“Ken Buck has established a longstanding pattern and practice of using his official position to retaliate against his perceived enemies”, stated Ken Buck victim, & Longmont, CO homeowner, Craig Buckley.

Longmont, CO resident Craig Buckley has been embattled with Congressman Ken Buck for in excess of 6 years, and stated, “To all of my detractors, and all of the government officials whom have concealed his involvement in crime, and his dire mental instability over the years, this illustrates just how how deeply disturbed he actually is”. Ken Buck does not like to be contradicted. Ken Buck despises anyone who does not share his political views. Ken Buck, caught in crime and backed into a corner, will attack. If you oppose Ken Buck, he will utilize every resource at his command to crush his opponent.

Several years ago, Buckley had filed a wage claim lawsuit in Weld County Colorado District Court. Buckley’s former employers had forced him out after 26 months: constructive discharge from an, “abusive environment”, was the official Industrial Claims Appeals Office ruling.  Buckley was owed approximately 40 hours in accrued wages, and $1200.00 in website design fees. The employers, through their criminally complicit attorney, Daniel T. Goodwin, decided to swear before the Court that it didn’t have jurisdiction over the wage claim case, because it was before the Colorado Division of Labor. Simultaneously, they were swearing before the Division of Labor that it did not have jurisdiction, because the matter was before the Court. Buckley was unlawfully, per C.R.S. 8-4-110(2),  stripped of his Due Process Right to sue, his case was dismissed with prejudice, attorneys’ fees were awarded to the Defendants, and multiple liens were attached to Craig Buckley’s home.

Ken Buck had been formally notified of the employers’ acts of fraud and theft. Buckley’s pleas were ignored, so the website was initiated. Buckley later fired an angry spate of emails off to the employers, demanding that the liens on his home, obtained by fraud, be removed.

In retaliation for the posts contained on the website, Congressman Ken Buck, then Weld County District Attorney, immediately charged Buckley with one count of Class 3 Misdemeanor Harassment of the employers, a lesser charge than the one obtained by Political Activist Shauna Johnson, yet Ken Buck initiated a raid on Buckley’s home. Buckley was dragged from his property in handcuffs, and immediately detained in the Weld County Jail on a $10,000.00 bond. The Court deliberately changed an appearance date without notifying Buckley, he missed that appearance, and he was arrested again, as former Deputy District Attorney, Sarah Bousman (now Franklin D. Azar settlement mill sweatshop worker) stood laughing in the courthouse. Buckley’s bond was increased to $20,000.00 for the single Class 3 Misdemeanor. Retaliation? You bet.

Longmont Police have since confirmed that it is their standard practice to merely issue a citation for a Class 3 Misdemeanor, not to raid, and  forcibly drag a person from their home in  handcuffs. Ken Buck was angry. Ken Buck did not like the accusations made on the website, and he was, “out for blood”.

Buckley met with Ken Buck. Buckley demanded that criminal charges be filed against the employers and their criminally complicit attorney, Daniel T. Goodwin. Longmont Mayor, then city councilman, Brian Bagley was also present. Ken Buck’s tone was menacing. When told of the criminal acts perpetrated by the former employers, ken Buck stated, “I don’t care, that’s not my problem”. Buckley was ordered not to attempt to speak to Ken Buck again, and was escorted off the property by four armed Weld County Sheriff’s deputies.

Buckley obtained proof of Fraud Upon the Court, and Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant from (Fmr.) Colorado Dept. of Labor & Employment Director Ellen Golombek.

There was a restraining order hearing before the Weld County Court, Judge John Briggs presiding.  During the course of the Restraining Order hearing, Buckley’s former employer confessed in sworn testimony that they had, in fact sworn simultaneously before the Weld County District Court, and the Colorado Division of Labor, that NEITHER had jurisdiction over Buckley’s wage claim, because the matter was before the OTHER: a Class 4 Felony.

Judge John Briggs advised Buckley to bring this matter to the attention of Ken Buck. This time Ken Buck’s tone was much more menacing.

Corrupt Congressman Ken Buck told felony victim Craig Buckley, “You need to lose my phone number. You need to lose my email address. You need to just get over it and move on with your life. There is nobody in this office who will help you. You will never win.”

Buckley was then escorted off the premises by SIX armed Weld County Sheriff’s Deputies, and ordered never to attempt to speak to Ken Buck again.

Ken Buck then appointed TWO FELONY PROSECUTORS to obtain Buckley’s conviction on the Class 3 Misdemeanor charge. At Buckley’s sentencing, there were EIGHT Weld County Deputy District Attorneys, laughing and smirking in the Courtroom.

Ken Buck is a dangerous, demented psychopath. Shauna Johnson was lucky. For others, including Longmont, CO homeowner Craig Buckley, the suffering is incomprehensible. If you have a story about corruption and/or retaliatory prosecution by Ken Buck, please use the Contact page to share.





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  1. Ken Buck has a proven, longstanding pattern and practice of using his official position to retaliate against his perceived enemies. I wish this had gone to trial, so he could bear the humiliation of showing what a petty spiteful narcissist he actually is.

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