Weld County’s Newest Corrupt Judge? Ryan L. Kamada Joins Colorado 19th Judicial District’s, “Brotherhood of the Black Robe”.

Judge Ryan L. Kamada: Colorado 19th Judicial District: Judge james Hartmann's newest protégé in crime.
Judge Ryan L. Kamada: Colorado 19th Judicial District: Judge james Hartmann's newest protégé in crime.
Ryan L. Kamada: Summoned by Gov. John Hickenlooper to do thebidding of Colorado's most corrupt Judge, James Francis Hartmann.

Ryan L. Kamada – Summoned by Gov. John Hickenlooper to do the bidding of Colorado’s most corrupt Judge: James Francis Hartmann.

On Tuesday,  Sept. 11, 2018, Gov. John Hickenlooper appointed Ryan L. Kamada as a District Court Judge in Colorado’s 19th Judicial District.


Greeley, CO – Ryan L. Kamada has been a magistrate since May 2015 and was in private practice before that. He graduated from Valley High School, the Colorado School of Mines and the University of Denver’s School of Law.

Now, Ryan L. Kamada is under the direction and control of Colorado’s most corrupt Judge: 19th Judicial District Chief Judge James Francis Hartmann.

Judge James Hartmann maintains a longstanding,pattern and practice of using his official position to retaliate against his perceived enemies… and using his subordinates to exact revenge upon his detractors. Will Ryan L. Kamada comply? A statistical analysis based of Court records, and presently implicated subordinate Judges reveals the answer is a resounding, “yes”.

One such example is Longmont, CO homeowner Craig Buckley. Buckley had sued his former employers for wages due upon termination of employment. The employers decided Buckley was not entitled to his award of accrued wages, because he had worked for the company for less than one year, and, per their policy, employees terminated with less than one year of employment with the company were not eligible for those wages.

Buckley produced twenty-six (26) months of sequential , uninterrupted  paycheck stubs proving eligibility for the accrued wages he had earned. But for corrupt Weld County District Court Chief Judge James Francis Hartmann, that was not enough. The employers had decided to swear simultaneously before BOTH the weld County district Court, and the Colorado division of Labor that NEITHER had jurisdiction over Buckley’s wage theft lawsuit, because the matter was before the OTHER.

To prove fraud, forgery, wage theft, and attempt to influence a public servant by the employers, Buckley subpoenaed his time cards: irrefutable evidence precisely matching the check stubs in-hand, proving the employers were lying.

This was not to happen. Judge James Hartmann, according to confidential sources within Weld County government, had been bribed, and Buckley’s allegations of fraud had been called, “absurd”.

Judge James Hartmann, Caught In Crime!

Ellen Golombek,  Director of the Colorado Dept. of Labor & Employment, and had made a FATAL mistake: relinquishing confidential  interdepartmental documents to Longmont, CO homeowner, and aggrieved worker, Craig D. Buckley. Ellen Golombek had provided irrefutable proof that Buckley’s former employers had committed Class 4 Felony Attempt to Influence a Public Servant, Forgery, and Fraud but Hartmann had already been PAID to conceal it, so being a man (read: psychopath) if his word, he was going to CONCEAL IT, and silence the victim by any necessary means. Doing that would mean enlisting the help of numerous other 19th Judicial District, Weld County Judges, specifically: Judge Charles Unfug, Judge Todd Taylor, Judge Michele Meyer, Judge John Briggs, Judge Daniel Maus, and Judge Thomas Quammen.

Corrupt Judge James Francis Hartmann has also involved/implicated in excess of fifty government officials in concealment of his crimes.

So, what’s  new little  Ryan L. Kamada  gonna do? Keep his mouth shut: tow the line, obey, and crush the perceived enemies of his superior, James Francis Hartmann, or comply with the law?

At $168,000.00 per year, I think we all know what the answer will be.

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